Baby Jogger Review


Let me tell you this: Baby Jogger strollers are the ones I have seen in public the most over the past 3 years. They have become more and more popular as parents and guardians are interested in a dynamic stroller than can be used while running, walking, strolling... you name it. In addition to the versatility that I've been harping on in this brands page, Baby Jogger emphasizes ease of use and has its own patented folding technology. With a focus on ease of use, versatility, and structural soundness, it is no wonder that I (and probably you) have noticed so many Baby Jogger strollers around. Let's get right into what makes Baby Jogger a pretty solid brand.


Like I said, Baby Jogger puts a ton of emphasis on ease of use. Their patented Quick Fold Technology allows guardians to easily fold their stroller up like a piece of paper. But instead of carrying the bulky thing by it's entire chassis, most strollers come with a small strap to carry the stroller by (it does support the weight of the stroller, don't worry). 

Obviously, as you would have guessed, Baby Jogger is known for it's jogging strollers! Now, because some of Baby Joggers strollers are specifically designed for runs, they are all made with the clearest vision of safety you can imagine. With big wheels in the back, a small 360-degree full motion wheel in the front, and a wide wheel base, Baby Jogger strollers are sturdy and comfortable (both for you and your child). Not all strollers have a lone wheel up front, some have two, but the large wheels and wide wheel base are a core feature to all Baby Jogger stroller. 

Baby Jogger has been at the center of award reception recently. Their main line of strollers have received numerous awards from parents and parental organizations. From design and innovation awards to parental publication awards, Baby Jogger has received a wealth of accolades for their innovative and safe strollers. 

Despite the popularity of the feature-rich and safe strollers, Baby Jogger products are not all that expensive. Yes, they would be more expensive than a Graco stroller. But far less expensive than a Bugaboo stroller. If you're looking for value for money, Baby Jogger is definitely your brand. 

Things to Note

Baby Jogger's website has a specific section for recalls. What does this tell me and what should this mean to you? Yes, Baby Jogger has had product problems over the past 5 to 10 years, however, they have publicized these problems (unlike some brands) and learned from them. Their recall specifications are all available directly from their website, and Baby Jogger does not try to hide anything. This is one aspect of Baby Jogger I have come to appreciate more than any other brand. Their level of product transparency, flexibility, and customer service is unmatched. 

Another important distinction between Baby Jogger and other brands is that all of Baby Jogger's recalls were voluntary. They noticed some issue or wanted to end a product line and decided to recall that product. Only in 2009 did Baby Jogger recall their City Mini due to a safety issue with the buckle. Since then, all recalls have been voluntary with the purpose of improving and refining products. 

Bottom Line

Baby Jogger is one of the top stroller brands on the market today. Strollers are safe, easy to use, affordable, and reasonably good looking. You cannot ask for much more than that.