Britax Review


Britax is a global manufacturer of child safety products including strollers, car seats, and other versatile travel systems. Britax has a reputation for being a leading brand in child safety equipment and products. They originally were founded in Europe, but in 1996 launched in the United States and saw great success. 

If you're looking for reputation and a brand that you can trust, Britax is that brand. They have been at the center of child product innovation introducing versatile systems and staying up to date with new technology. They pride themselves on leading the way in child safety products by implementing different systems that are focused on stability and protection of the infant. 

Currently, they have four systems in place that really set Britax apart from the rest of the pack. These different systems focus on the benchmarks highlighted in the benchmarks page.


First, Britax prides themselves on introducing travel systems that can be easily installed and used. Britax's ClickTight Installation System allows the user to easily install their car seat. Below is a video of the extremely easy process. You'll find that a lot of Britax's products, including strollers, are also just as easy to install and use. Ease of use is a key feature that Britax never fails to take into account when manufacturing their products. 


Second, but considered the most important by users and Britax themselves, is their Side Impact Protection system. Britax originally included this system and feature in their car seats knowing that most car accidents and collisions happen from the side. Thus, they developed all their car seats with extremely fast energy absorbing expanded polystyrene foam. They introduced this technology in the sides and head rests of their car seats. Seeing immense success, they implemented it in their strollers as well. Their car seats and strollers are safe and sound. 

Last but most certainly not least is Britax's standard-setting stroller maneuverability system. This system blends safety with ease of use by offering a stable yet fully rotational front wheel allowing guardians to make tight turns on many terrains. You'll find that many stroller manufacturers have implemented this technology, and the truth is in the current sphere and market, this is not too novel of a technology so take it with a grain of salt. 

Britax B-Free Stroller, Pewter
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Things to Note

On February 16th, 2018, news was released that the Untied States Consumer Product Safety Commission (more commonly known as the U.S. CPSC) actively filed a complaint against Britax claiming that certain models in the B.O.B. Jogger Stroller line were defective. There was an issue with the wheels detaching from the stroller causing serious head injuries including concussions to children. Additionally, guardians sustained injuries including fractured bones and torn muscles due to the stroller falling on them. 

The U.S. CPSC found that the front wheel of Britax B.O.B. jogging strollers was detaching during regular use. The front wheel would detach and the entire front of the stroller would fork into the ground causing the child to propel forward and the stroller to abruptly tip over. 

The complaints aims to force Britax to stop producing and selling certain models of the B.O.B. jogging strollers until the problem has been addressed. 

Bottom Line

Britax is a reputable brand that has had immense success in manufacturing and production. They have a versatile set of products, so if you're interesting in seeing the wealth of different features that can be integrated on a car seat or stroller, Britax is that brand. Britax has recently had some safety problems; however, they are a brand that most consumers have trusted over the past decade. I wouldn't count Britax out but definitely be wary of their B.O.B. jogging stroller line.