Bugaboo Review


Ah, good 'ole Bugaboo. If only everyone could afford a solid, modern, sleek and stylish 600 dollar push chair. Yeah, push chair... not a stroller. Bugaboo, a Dutch brand headquartered in The Netherlands, is a high-end luggage and push chair brand that aims to revolutionize what a stroller even is. In a time where strollers are naturally pretty ugly products, Bugaboo's goal is to change that norm and provide durable and stylish push chairs for different families with different goals. They say "whether you’re a new parent about to step out into the world with your family or a modern traveler taking your third business trip this week, Bugaboo products are designed to help you handle life with ease."

Well, let's just take a step back and analyze that claim. There are few very important things that Bugaboo does extremely well; so well that sometimes you forget their push chair is 600 dollars... yeah, I said it... 600 dollars! Let's start with those and see if we can break down why Bugaboo's products are so expensive. 


So what's so great about Bugaboo's push chairs that make them worth 600 freakin' dollars? Well, let's just say they look and feel really damn good. Forbes contributor Seth Porges made the analogy to driving a car. You have a Kia and Porsche. Yes, both go from point A to point B, but it's how they get there that really differentiates the two. Great analogy really as it applies perfectly to Bugaboo. You can consider Bugaboo the highest of the highest in terms of stroller push chair manufacturers. Bugaboo's push chairs are extremely durable and sturdy. Their stability and sturdiness contributes to the high safety standard of the products. Consumers have described the design of the product as feeling light and extremely easy to push but with a strong and sturdy feel. Bugaboo's products no question have an extremely unique design. They look wildly modern and urban while sticking to standard safety features and precautions such as wide wheel bases and energy/shock absorbing materials. Bugaboo has positioned itself as the new "cool" brand introducing strollers and push chairs that look absolutely marvelous. Now, instead of your car or clothing being the accessory to catch the attention of people around you, it'll be your damn push chair (c'mon Bugaboo, it's a stroller!)

Bugaboo Bee 5 w/ Bassinet

Bugaboo not only has changed how strollers look and feel but also how they are sold on the market. Most stroller manufacturers sell strollers with accessories already attached. Bugaboo has a different approach. They sell accessories on the side, so if you're a parent and just really, really want a bassinet with your Bugaboo Bee 5, you can get one. If you want a tray, you can get one. Obviously, this affordance means that installation of these accessories is really quite easy. Another plus for Bugaboo!

Now getting into how it actually feels when you push it. Bugaboo introduced a pretty solid suspension system. Bumps are not only absorbed on the inside by the high quality material but also on the outside due to a strong and study chassis. 

Things to Note

It's 2018, so definitely note this down. But the phrase I've been using a lot is "take it with a grain of salt." This is something I would highly recommend taking with a grain of salt. In 2012 (6 years ago), Bugaboo recalled more than 40,000 strollers due to handle issues on the actual seat. There were no injuries sustained due to the faulty strollers (that is why I say take with a grain of salt), however, families did invest 1k in a stroller only for it to be recalled because of a part issue. 

Bottom Line

This is a pretty bold claim, but Bugaboo's strollers are worth the price. Whether you are willing to invest in something that is purely a pushchair for your child is a different question. Bugaboo strollers are safe, sturdy, and really stylish. However, they are more for urban use. If you walk more than you drive, I would highly recommend in investing in one of these. Not only do they look good, but they are very durable. Once you buy a Bugaboo, you won't buy another stroller again.